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Usually don't post reviews, but after reading a few, thought I would. We have usually stayed at either Champlins or on a mooring prior to this year. We would stop at Payne's by dinghy, but were concerned that it might be too much of a [email protected]!# show for us. The Champlins world changed this year. So we tried Payne's. We were there for 10 nights (though one night was off-island due to my son's need for medical attention). We had a great time. People were as friendly and helpful as could be. They couldn't get us in right away because seas were rough that day and no one was leaving. But Cliff put us out on a mooring for a few hours and called us when it was time to come in. Do they raft you? Yes, but we have a sport fish, so people come through our cockpit and we met some great people that way. We told them that we had to leave by 9 Sunday morning - even though we were wedged in, we were out at 8:50 (after delaying our departure twice). Bar and music were great - just the right volume. I saw some of the complaints - we make our own ice and shower in our boat. They put in a ladder for us to get on and off the boat. Yes, line to get food is long on weekend mornings. Next time I go there (and I will), I will bring a splitter for my hose because there are clearly not enough water outlets. Does seem like an easy fix if they wanted to do the work. One issue that I had is that there was a slight voltage drop on the weekends when the place was full and everyone was using their AC. This impacted my salon AC only on weekend days and caused me to spend over $200 on a new controller (didn't fix the problem). For those who complained about being 6 boats out on the end - Payne's appears to try to get everyone in. Block is really, really busy this summer. Never seen it like this. If you don't want to be 6 boats out, don't show up Friday night through Sunday morning with high expectations of where you'll land. Overall, went with no expectations and we were very happy. But you do have to be flexible - you may be rafted, you may be moved at some point if you were way out or are blocking boats that have to leave. If you want your own slip at a floating dock and don't want to interact with other boaters, don't come here. And the staff does not tolerate anything over the line. The guy in front of us threatened some kids and was promptly tossed out of the marina. Good job. See you in '22.