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Although I like the actual marina and the bar and restaurant, I will not stay at Payne's again. Arrival is too stressful. Unlike other marinas, you cannot call the office on the radio or phone. If you try, no one answers, ever. You are sent an email telling you to go to the gas dock and someone will tell you what slip to pull into. The problem is, it can take awhile to get someone's attention to even notify them that you are there and when you do, if there are other boats waiting in front of you, you must wait your turn. When you are waiting, you have to do your best to keep your boat in one place and there is not much space to keep your boat in neutral. You must move forward, backwards, neutral etc, taking into consideration the tides and the wind, which can move you alot and you need to make sure you don't hit any of the big passing boats, the boats that are on moorings near you or any of the dozens of people that buzz by on dingys in front of and behind your boat, while you are waiting... This was way too stressful. We will stay at another marina next time.