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Although the location was great for restaurants and bars in Bristol, we were very disappointed with our stay at the marina. Originally we booked 2 boats with the marina and received confirmation of our request within 1-2 hours. On the date of arrival, we got a call from the Marina letting us know that only 1 boat would be able to fit there at the dock, the other would have to go on a mooring, as someone had come into the marina in a larger boat and was allowed dock space. We changed our plans and brought only 1 boat. Upon arrival at the Marina, we had to ask for assistance from the Assistant Harbormaster as there were limited power pedestals working and our power pedestal was being utilized by the other boat. The assistant harbormaster came down and worked things out so that we had power. He mentioned that the other power pedestal had been broken and was not sure if it had been fixed yet. Upon coming back to our boat several hours later, our power cord was unplugged and a note was left from the other boat to not unplug their cord. As the Assistant Harbormaster had connected our cord upon arrival, we reconnected it. At this point, a “crew member” from the other boat came rushing out of his boat yelling at us. We tried to explain that we did not originally unplug him and that staff had done so; he was not interested in dealing reasonably so we attempted to call the Marina office. As it was late, there was no one in the office. The “crew member” was being arrogant so we called 911. After the police arrived and assessed the situation, they called the Harbormaster. He arrived roughly an hour later. At this time it is now after midnight. After about another hour of his trying to resolve the power connection issues, he plugged us back in, apologized for our inconvenience, and said to call him on Monday morning as he would comp us that evening for the difficulties and give us a free night next season. After calling his office a few times, I was able to speak with him. He offered both of the boats a free night next season, but said that he was unable to comp us as previously offered for that stay. We have visited many different marinas over our years of boating experience and we have never experienced such a poorly managed facility.