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This review is for the dock, not the moorings. If you have a deep draft sailboat, you will be on the face dock. This dock is very exposed to the prevailing southwest wind and chop and when we arrived, it was blowing 20+. We got bounced hard all that day and overnight. The listing on dockwa says to hail them on 16. They didn't answer. We ended up calling the office number to get instructions as we approached. We asked for a dockhand to assist in the high winds - there are none. This dock seems to be mainly useful as a quick touch and go for water or pumpout or to pick/drop passengers. It's not really suitable for a stay unless conditions are VERY settled. There is NO WIFI on the docks - only inside the building. We managed hijack a couple local pubs' connections with some success so we could work our jobs while we were there. On the plus side, this dock is at ground-zero for the foodie hub of Bristol. The location is great. I would come back if conditions were very settled (or not blowing from SW), and if I didn't need good connectivity while there (which is pretty unusual). Also on the plus side, the docks and walkways are in good shape. The Bath, shower and laundry facilities are very clean and nice.