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Okay marina, but not great for sailboats. They do NOT monitor VHF AT ALL. The weekend we were there the marina was manned by one teenager who seemed to know little about boats and nothing about sailboats. She stayed put at the fuel dock both days and seemed to be alone Friday and Saturday. She will tell you to tie up to the fuel dock, so that she can hand you a sticky with the marina codes. I had to go back the next day to ask for the wifi code. There is one clean men’s room with the toilet, sink, shower and a deadbolt lock. Each user locks the restroom and others have to wait until they are done showering, etc. Ditto for the ladies room. Both were clean and new. The floating docks looked clean and new. Their piers are fairly short ~25 to 30 feet. They have wood faces and padding only at the outer corners. i was surprised to find a fairly large and clean marina that was so understaffed, does not monitor VHF, and see floating docks lacking padding.