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Small facility on floating dock freely accessible to the public. No staff appeared during my stay. More than a few people came down to look at the boats, boldly staring into windows. One family came over to where I was relaxing on my boat and asked me to take them for a ride, offering to pay. When I gently told them no, they posed for photos up against my boat. The whole thing made me feel uncomfortable. The dock is at the end of a long pier stretching out into the inlet and is not well protected, but we had nice calm conditions and a restful night. Long walk to restrooms; one of two was out of order. Restrooms are part of waterfront park so they get a lot of use. Park offered a nice place to walk my pups. Lots of folks rave about the burger joint in town, but I had an excellent meal at 2 Margaritas a bit farther down the road.