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Sorry to do only 2 stars this visit May 23rd 2021 but... We arrived there around noon time from Clearwater after a 3.1/2 hours of sailing. We did call the marina before we left Clearwater and we were told yes we have a slip, call us when you get closer. Then on arrival we were told to dock on a T-dock across the gass station. Not a real slip with pylons and no robber fenders risking damages to our 38 ft sail boat. There was a strong current in the marina and since that dock wasn't floating the help we were told was coming to help was not there one of the 2 managers was rather rude expressing his frustration as if "an other idiot came to the marina" To make things worst later on before 5:00pm (the office closes at 5:00) I did see empty spots on the floating dock and i asked if we can spend the night there? The answer was no we are expecting other boats.... Next morning those slips were still empty and available. 2 years ago i would have given it a 5 star as we loved it there and the treatment was much better. Thank James for your good nature and helping.