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We've never had trouble getting a spot at Everett so didn't make a reservation on our way north to San Juans. Unfortunately, the marina guest slips were all full this time. Determining this we went to the linear dock guest moorage. All inside space full except for the very end where we landed. No reserved sign but big dock lines on the dock so left (good thing because a big boat has permanent moorage there). Docked on one of last 2 outside pier spots and got hammered by wakes and 15+ knots of wind until sunset. Fenders at risk from the pressure, boat damage at risk from being pushed into large rusted metal units on side of dock. And, it was VERY loud and unpleasant. Why do so many Everett boaters ignore the no wake area? We paid our $60 via check in the envelope and made a reservation for upcoming stay to ensure a slip on return to Puget Sound. The next day we discovered the Marina staff decided we accidentally paid twice and ripped up our check while also canceling our future reservation, all without reaching out to us first. We worked it out over the phone but the next day got notices that our payments were delinquent from our first stay and our future reservation (Dockwa allowed transactions to be processed with expired credit card date). Had to call again and get it squared away. What a mess. So, recommend you get a reservation in a slip ahead of time and confirm in Dockwa a few days later.