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Not sure where to start. The person that presumably is in charge of this mini marina (7 transient slips) is an arrogant bigot that knows nothing about customer service, humility, appreciation for where the buck starts and stops. Doesn't know how to open on time, chastises customers for wanting to buy coffee and fuel at opening, boots people off the property and tells them to never come back again, argues with local home owners and board members over his responsibilities, hides behind his wife and daughters as a screen. Treats neighbors/employees like they are subhuman. Horrible person acting out in a false perception of importance. This guy Neil is an awful person. I highly recommend you NOT support him buy buying anything here. I’d go 20 miles in either direction to avoid patronizing this terrible person. Too bad the residents don't terminate his contract and kick his sorry **s off their island. Fuel prohibitively expensive. “Homemade” donuts anemic and greasy.