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On our way south, we stayed at Haven Harbour South Marina for about 3 weeks. The extended stay was so the marina could do some gel coat and non-skid repairs. Our stay at the marina was nice. Most of the facilities have been recently updated - bathrooms / showers / marine store / outdoor public areas. All were great. Laundry facilities were okay - one set of machines, but they worked great. Best of all was the atmosphere at the marina - there are a lot of sailboat seasonal slip holders and a lot of people doing day sailing. Really fun atmosphere. They also made us as transients feel welcome. The use of the courtesy van/car was very helpful. The docks could use some updating, but we understand that is on the list of upcoming renovations. We were satisfied with the repair work, even though color-matching on gel coat repairs is very difficult. While the repair is not "perfect" from a color standpoint, it is very well done. The repairs to the non-skid were also very well done. We strongly recommend this marina and would come back.