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There is no arguing that this is a fantastic location for accessing the downtown Portsmouth area. But it is a spot in the river where the current and boat wakes make for an unpleasant experience on board. Dave, the Dockmaster, is very helpful and accessible. He splits his time with the Badger Island East Marina which is not a bad thing. In fact, he was able to bring me a block of ice from the other marina in the skiff that he runs back and forth. Although there are gates, I would not say that the marina is secure. But we had no problems with strangers on the dock. Aside from the dockmaster and the folks that we traveled with, we never saw any other people at the marina.The docks and utilities are good and we loved wandering around Portsmouth. I think that if I were to return, i would stay at the Badger Island marina and just take the ten minute walk into Portsmouth over the bridge.