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This was our third stay at Kammerman’s. The people are always great. The restrooms and showers are adequate. Unfortunately, the restaurant is closed on weekdays after a Labor Day so we couldn’t eat there. We didn’t take the time on this stop to play tourist and visit Atlantic City. We’ve done that by Uber in the past and had some fun. My two frustrations this trip were the lack of responsiveness when I called in (by both phone and VHF) as I approached the marina. Then they wanted to put my 16 ft wide both in a slip that was too narrow. There was much idling and turning around while they found a place that was satisfactory. We end up in the same spot we had in July - next to a high wall that made getting off the boat a chore given the range of tides. I still like Kammerman’s and will probably stop there again in the future.