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This Resort used to be one of our favorites. My family and friends would meet up here for Lunch & Beverages every 2-3 weeks. Apparently, this Resort has changed and added "new rules" My 5 year old son & I drove up to meet our friends coming in by boat. After parking our car, we were met by a "gestapo" who was in our face before we could even get out of the car and ordered us to the front desk. I politely told him we were meeting friends down at the marina. Our friends had boat trouble and never made it so we went back to our car to find that this "gestapo" decided to box in our car with his van so we couldn't leave. When he saw us there he approached yelling like a madman 4 inches away from my face, rude and out of control, even threatening. He drove off in his golf cart and refused to move his van. I was not parked illegally, nor was I in any other guests parking spot. My son & I made our way to the front desk, explained the situation, and they called him to move his van so that we could finally leave. It took him another 10-15 minutes to arrive and after giving us a dirty look and the finger, moved his van. After this experience, we all have decided not to ever return to this resort with it's "new rules"! You'd think in this economy, all of Tween Waters staff would be going the extra mile to accomodate all of their visitors! Your resort just lost a good crowd of regular customers!