Report Review

This was our first time at The Black Dog Wharf. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay from beginning to end. Rory assisted us and was proficient at handling all aspects of securely docking. He was most helpful—overseeing all of our needs. The owner is also a very charming and professional man and came to our dock several times throughout the day to make sure we were doing well and not in need of anything. We have been on our sailing trip for 2 weeks and we have another 2 weeks to go. I had been unable to find laundry facilities prior to our dockage at The Black Dog. However, I was thrilled when Rory informed me there were on-site laundry facilities. I immediately dashed there to find a wonderfully large and accommodating room, also with great shower facilities. It was so clean and welcoming and what a pleasure to do all of our laundry so quickly and efficiently. It made my day! The Wharf is so inviting —a beach, picnic tables, and nice docks. We were on the face dock and were enraptured by the stimulating activity and beautiful boats in the harbor— lovely scenes!! And then we had a delicious dinner on the patio of The Black Dog Tavern right beyond the dock. We also got cards for complimentary donuts and muffins and coffee. The donuts were fab! All staff, management and guests adhered to the safety and sanitary measures. We felt secure all of our time there. The docks were quiet and still at night and we got a wonderful night’s sleep. All in all, it was a stellar experience!! Thank You, Black Dog Wharf, we shall return again and again.