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Beautiful area. Marina is in a great location. That is the good. The bad? Very poor management. Docks are being worked on but mostly in bad shape. Zincs go twice as fast as normal. Electrical boxes literally falling down. Most have burnt connectors. Water had green algae coming out. Internet only works on the first section of dock and is unsecured. Pump out works sometimes and they hand you the hose. Diesel is cheap, gas is high. Cable T.V. does not work. The pool, bathrooms and laundry closes at 5 p.m. every day. If you still want to go I suggest you walk the docks and talk to the current live a boards and the employees of the boat club on site. Ask them what they think of management. Do yourself a favor and pass them by. 1/2 mile south is Palm Harbour. Go there. They have great facilities and the staff is very helpful and very friendly.