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Shelter Cove Marina has been a family favorite destination since long before we owned our own boat. So as you could imagine, it was truly a dream come true to dock our boat here for a week! It was everything we hoped it would be, and more! The marina itself is very well maintained. The entire staff is kind, helpful and very customer focused. There are security guards that walk around 24/7 and we felt extremely safe. There are amenities in the marina (bathrooms, free laundry, free bikes) as well as many restaurants. There is also a large grocery store (Kroger) that is a quick walk away. Plus some great shops! Shelter Cove does have beach access. It's a long bike ride though to get to the beach. The only negative about this marina is the proximity of some of the docks to the facilities. Hauling laundry to and from the laundry room was not easy. If you plan to use the laundry room a lot during your stay, you may want to mention that as you make your reservation and ask for the closest possible spot. Overall, we absolutely loved our stay at Shelter Cove! Definitely a Top pick as far as marinas go!