Report Review

On 2/28/2010 the 98 foot vessel LYSDO left this marina and got a few miles away when it was discovered that it was taking on water in the engine room. Lysdo sent out a Mayday which I took. I contacted the Berry Island Club where we had a mooring and Chub Cay Marina. I gave both the location of Lysdo. Two small boats from the Berry Island Club went out to help. Lysdo had a 25 ft. or so Grady White with two engines and was trying to tow the boat back to Chub. I asked several times for any help from Chub speaking to the dockmaster and to the police. I was told that there was a 25 ft boat available. It never left Chub. Lysdo sank. The 5 people on board came to Fraser's Hog Cay and the Berry Island Club in the Grady White and tenders. Everyone was safe but an 8 year old 98 foot boat was lost. The conduct of the personnel at Chub was disappointing to say the least. Is it possilbe that the owners of all those expensive sport fish boats are not really all that sportsmanlike? We had stayed at Chub 5 years ago. I have heard that they are under financial pressure.