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To whom it may concern, my relationship started with Skip Zanheiser, back in 1978, when we opened a sail service loft in his marina, Leonard Sails. That service loft still exists, as Quantum Sails. For the majority of that time, I have had a relationship with Jim Sharkey. Jim, older brother Bob, and his family, have been friends in Annapolis, for many, many, years. This past weekend, I was a guest at your marina, and was shocked to hear, that Jim had lost his job, as a result, of the purchase of the marina. Jim has managed Zanheisers Marina for over 40 years, and has an intimate relationship, with every one of its slip holders. This move to replace him, makes me very sad, for the entire facility, and is one you will come to regret. I hope you will reconsider, what you have done to Jim, and his family. He has dedicated himself to the success of Zanheiser’s Marina, and is entitled to be reinstated, and to your apology. Sincerely, Larry Leonard, Mobile 443 852 2053, Email [email protected]