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The town of Edgartown and its harbor are amazingly beautiful, but the town's bathrooms and shower facilities for boaters staying in the harbor on a mooring are the worst we have ever seen and experienced, at any port, in RI and MA over the last 5 years. For a town that prides itself on being a rather exclusive destination, its obvious lack of any real investment in providing clean and fully functioning bathrooms and showers to visitors is truly appalling. We will likely never return to Edgartown Harbor due to the dirty and non-functioning conditions of these facilities because of what appears to be decades of ignoring much needed maintenance and upgrades to their facilities ! After all, such facilities are supposed to be a welcoming and vital resource to boaters visiting any harbor. It's shocking that this town can't grasp that simply charging perhaps 10% more for its moorings , it could likely tear down its existing horrible facilities and re-build them and cover the cost in one or two years. Any boater considering visiting Edgartown may wish to think about visiting Oak Bluffs instead if they're interested in fully functioning and much much cleaner facilities provided by the town, or, even better, the Summercamp Hotel!