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I was a liveaboard in good standing, when I ordered an item by mail. I left the marina with my boat, still in good standing. I have friends that I visit in the marina. I received notification on April 04, 2019 that it arrived by the post office. The marina office has had my phone number for a year. I was told by employee that the harbor manager took my package. He denied that when I was looking for it. I asked the same employee again and she swears he took it. I mentioned that the harbor manager was making it look like she was lying. Yes, I'm upset about this. I was not loud or disrespectful. Because of this, I was chased off of the property by the general manager, told to never return. About 30 minutes later, I received a call from the general manager that my package was returned to the sender. My opinion is this marina needs to review it's management style. Unprofessional!