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I had a great cruise over to ORYC and then the disappointment started to happen. The dock we got assigned did not have a working outlet for power ( both the 30 and 50 were burned out). We used some lines to get to a working pole and it burned out our plug. The water at the dock was a dark brown. I could swear they pumped it out of the river. The staff at ORYC is in best terms lazy. I could not get the office manager out of his chair. BTW The smell of rotten death and trash was the worst. If it was not for a holiday weekend, we would of gone anywhere else. We did have a great trip in Cleveland and the people are great there. Two last items. We got trapped behind the bridges for a hour and a half . Trapped.... Also I noticed on our cruise back we had a black grim all over my deck. After talking with some other people that have docked there, I found out it was from the salt mine. I had to three step it off to get it back to its shine. VERY DISAPPOINTMENT TO SEE THIS MARINA ON THIS SITE!