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Our group may have just come on a bad weekend - I don't know. The club has great potential. The restrooms are clean and very nice. Most of the staff is very nice. The docks are in decent shape with a few electrical issues. There was quite a bit of debris in the water (large logs, tree limbs, cups, bottles etc). The restaurant was a big disappointment. We waited an hour for our food. The pizza was burnt badly, the burgers were raw and the lasagna never came at all. We did have and unfortunate issue with a pizza but that was because we couldn't find anyone to correct the issues and my wife went to the kitchen to see if the cook would be able to correct it. His attitude was HORRIBLE. After knocking on the door and showing him the pizza (never entering the kitchen) he told her to "take it up with the sever" When she said our server was MIA he said to "take it up with the bar staff then, that customers were not permitted in his kitchen and that she needed to get out of it!) For the record she was not in it. She went back to the bar - they were too busy to help then went back to our table and waited with me for 15 minutes - she was steaming. No one showed up. She then went back to the kitchen, dropped the pizza on the floor by the cook and went back to our boat. I certainly don't condone the last part but it was just out of frustration and being treated so poorly. The did take the pizza off the bill and one of the raw burgers. The other food was just ok at best. We were extremely disappointed because we were told the food and service were very good her by other boating friends. Again - maybe it was just an off weekend. The bar was understaffed. patrons waited 15 - 20 minutes to be served at it. I just hope they get more or better help. The place has great potential. We had high hopes but I can only give a C or average for right now and I think I am being overly generous. Lastly, my wife and I were "banned" from the club in the future due to the pizza incident based on something that was said to one of our members. I called the manager today and left a voicemail to try to explain my side of the story and the ensuing frustration but have not heard back yet. Sorry to write a bad review on a fellow GCBA club but banning me without my getting my side of the story was upsetting.