Report Review

Sailing Catamaran - 44' X 25' X 4' Stopped here while heading west on LIS, hoping to visit the Teddy Roosevelt Home and pick up some provisions. Some earlier comments indicated OBMC would allow you to tie up your dinghy here while visiting town. This is either gone or depends on who's on duty. I called to ask and they told me they don't allow it, but I could do a "short stay" on one of their moorings and get picked up by the launch. When I asked what a "short stay" would cost, the rep told me "$1.00 or $1.50, I don't know". I also tried Sagamore Yacht Club, which I heard was more friendly to transient boats at anchor, but nobody ever answered the phone (9:30 am on a Wednesday). Nobody picked up at the Teddy Roosevelt Marina either. All of these places were open according to their websites. I thought about tying up my 11' dinghy to an OBMC mooring ball and taking the launch in, but decided to just move on. It just seemed like such silly lengths to go to just to go ashore. Oyster Bay, like other Long Island harbors, caters to dock and mooring clients pretty exclusively. That business model may make sense here, but for my purposes, I didn't find it a welcome or compelling place to take my modest business.