Report Review

We stayed here 2 nights. NOT at Safe Harbor Wickford Cove Marina but at the marina formerly called Wickford Marina, acquired by Safe Harbor in the last year or two and now called something like Safe Harbor Wickford North. At this point, Safe Harbor runs the two marinas as a single facility with integrated bookings. It is unclear to us whether Safe Harbor will do so in the future or will treat Wickford North as a separate marina. We requested a stern-in, stbd-side tie because we launch our dinghy to port & board from floating docks to stbd via the swim platform. We thought they had committed to meet our request, but upon arrival, they gave us a bow-in, stbd-side tie; it worked, but only because the finger pier was just long enough (our LOA=50ft) to reach our swim platform with the anchor pulpit hanging over floating pier; we don't know if they planned this or we just lucked out. We were told that Safe Harbor plans substantial upgrades, and this marina needs them. Bathrooms were clean but aged. (We didn't try the showers.) The laundry equipment was rusty. The 50A receptacle on the pedestal at our slip worked but was held in place by only one of its two screws. (The dockmaster Anders promptly called electricians to fix it, but the repair wasn't expected to be before our departure.) The staff was cheerful and willing, but will benefit from more experience in belaying dock lines. We were told that Safe Harbors plans to upgrade floating docks and pedestals winter of 2021-2022. We hope they also redo the shore-side facilities and maybe throw in a bit more training for junior staff. The dock configuration makes for a long, roundabout walk from some slips to office (ashore), but not as far as some marinas. Around the dock office there are some patio spaces that could be very pleasant. The view from there takes in picturesque salt marshes and boats in the docks and and on moorings. Wickford is a cute town with numerous, preserved colonial-era houses, pretty gardens (in early August, anyway) and a couple of pleasant water-front restaurants. Definitely a pleasant stop. It is a 3/4-mile walk from Wickford North to the center of town. There is a public floating dock for small boats within a couple of hundred yards of town center, about 0.9NM from the marina by water. To NW of public dock, just across the adjacent parking lot, is a Walgreen's; besides pharmacy goods, it sells some provisions like dry groceries, cases of water, etc. The nearest real grocery store is Dave's Fresh Marketplace, about 0.8 miles W of Walgreen's. We know from other Safe Harbor marinas that Safe Harbor generally runs its facilities in a first rate way. We expect that they will eventually bring Wickford North up to their usual standard. We suppose that Wickford Cove, which had no slips available during our stay, is in better condition and that this is why there was a slip available for us Wickford North but not at Wickford Cove. We expect that by summer 2022, Wickford North will rate 4 or 5 stars.