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We had heard great things about Grand Harbor Marina. The town, the facilities, the amenities. Our experience in January was unfortunately not up to those expectations. I know folks will say that winter experiences in Southern marinas will necessarily be bad, but I disagree. Grand Harbor advertised pumpout and water services, and though we arrived with temperatures well above freezing, they were not available, and the staff was not willing to help us by making them available to us. The marina had shut off the water that day ahead of our arrival for the expected freeze that evening. Grand Harbor advertised a pet friendly experience, but we had to walk over a half a mile to have our dog pee, and we were scolded by the staff when our dog predictably walked past the second patch of grass, all with no-dogs signs out. Products were expired; services that were advertised and easy to open were closed. To be sure, Grand Harbor has nice courtesy cars. We drove a fairly new Acadia. The transient slips were nice; the facilities pristine. It's the staff that could have improved our experience, and chose not to do so. I can only imagine that we would have had a much better experience with a fully-staffed, Summertime trip, but you can only reliably rate the experience you actually have, not the ones you wish you had.