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I have really mixed feelings about this marina. Basically it’s pretty nice. The manager told me they really don’t do a lot of transient business. The wooden floating docks are fine, but not perfect. The staff was really helpful and there was someone on hand to give directions as we approached and at the slip to help us tie up. The restaurant was pretty good but a little expensive which shouldn’t be a surprise given the proximity to NY City. My frustrations come from the fact that there’s just one head each for men and women. The shower is part of the head. That would be OK except that the dockside bar patrons use these same heads and with live music a few nights a week, there’s a crowd that relies on just these two heads. The heads get dirty quickly. I’d expect better quality from a $3 per foot marina. The other frustration is not the marinas problem but comes from the fact that I could see the Stop & Shop, Target and several restaurants from my boat across a small channel, but because the marina is on a peninsula it’s a long trip to the market - almost a mile walk or an $8 Uber or water taxi ride. I couldn’t launch my dinghy because there was another boat tied up next to me and there was no room for the dinghy. The town dock on the other side of the channel was tantalizingly close. Port Washington is a great place to visit. We met lots of nice people in town and enjoyed walking around.