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Great marina as far as location goes as well as the boaters who put up with the ownership. The owners of this Marina are so rude and unprofessional that renters are afraid to say anything for fear of being kicked out (which happens often). Every dock is old and wobbly, they demand 100% of your money for the season by March and yet are never open by May 1 always blaming the “bad winter”. During the spring when they are prepping the docks in order to open they work a 5 day work week 9/5 instead of 7 days a week to make sure they are ready for their members. They boast themselves as the “largest marina around” yet they also charge the most. As a comparison its cheaper to have your boat at Ontario Place than it is at MacDonald Marina. All in all, if you have money to burn, stay here…If you want to feel welcomed by the ownership go elsewhere. Oh, and BTW the reason I am posting this here is that their own survey requires you to give a name. If they wanted actual member feedback they would send out anonymous surveys so that members would not fear being kicked out for their honesty.