Report Review

Worst marina encountered. Made reservation via Dockwa and when we arrived could not raise them on VHF. No phone number listed but a Google search provided one. Person answered but sail mooring field was her daughter’s responsibility. She did provide a phone number. Called number and her daughter gave us a float assignment. (These are moored docks that tie up a vessel on each side.) “Our” float had a sailboat on one side and his dingy moored to our side. Impossible to dock without interfering with dingy. Were told that she would try to contact owner but it appeared to be no one aboard. She told us we would have to wait until the owner returned. This timing did not work for us and we requested another dock or a cancellation. She hung up on us. We have submitted a claim via Dock.wa but no refund so far. This experience is a direct opposite to all of our previous Dock.wa bookings.