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Our stay was great from the dock personnel handing the mooring pendant to my wife, Sarah, on the bow as we arrived, to a welcome shower in the bathhouse, through a wonderful dinner that evening, to a coffee delivery in the morning prior to departure. A couple of frustrations that were just bumps in the road; we were told the combination to the shower room but all the signs on the building said closed due to COVID. Not being people to ignore such messages a second trip to the float was required for reassurance that, yes, in fact, the showers are usable. Perhaps more clear direction could be given in this strange time. Second, our waiter at dinner advertised coffee and muffins delivered to moored boats at 8AM, but after delaying our departure for their eventual arrival at 0845, we were disappointed that there were, in fact, no muffins. As the specialty of Dolphin Marina as long as we have known you (since 1985), your blueberry muffins are not to be missed. Again, more clear communication would have helped a lot. Those are really minor items though and certainly do not tarnish a great stay on a mooring that was less expensive than what we paid the night before for no services at all. Thanks for a wonderfully memorable stay!!