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We have visited here several times before....this was not as good a visit and maybe Covid-19 had something to do with it...very busy, fair amount of confusion, juggling going on....we were told to come in to our slip but when we did the dock people seemed confused and not ready for us....then when we were finally settled in a slip we paid for, we were told they needed to move us to put a bigger boat in the space we were in...they wanted to move us not to another slip but to the end of the dock which was not acceptable ....finally we were moved to another slip and could finally settle in....This is a beautiful, popular spot but sometimes I think there can just be too much going on and it does make the dockhands job a little more difficult....they are all very friendly...only saw one of them lose it a little with a boat coming in. Will be back as we do still feel it is the prettiest, best little marina/restaurant on the coast of Maine.