Report Review

I think they should probably change the name to “Dolphin Restaurant and Marina” because the priority here seems to have shifted more towards the restaurant than to visiting yachts staying overnight. They don’t provide water for boats anymore because there’s not enough water in the well, yet they can run a restaurant 10 hours a day. The marina closes at 5:00 so if you arrive after that, you’re on your own figuring out where to go. The Dockwa confirmation for moorings doesn’t assign a mooring #. The restaurant did away with priority seating for marina guests, there are no reservations for parties under 6 and because the restaurant is so popular now, you’ll wait an hour or more to be seated for dinner any day of the week in season. Yes, blueberry muffins are still abundant here and they still come around in the morning with coffee and muffins, but it’s not what it used to be for visiting boats.