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The Dolphin cane very highly recommended by good friends. We were celebrating a 60th birthday and thought it would be great to stay at a 5 star marina. The blueberry muffins are great, but the mooring field is pretty choppy. Even the marina launch drives through the morning field creating a wake. There is complementary shower and laundry facility. We did use the washer and dryer but not the shower because there’s only one and there was a 5 person line when we wanted to shower. We would have liked to fuel up, get water and a pumpout before we left, but they limit each boat to 5-10 gallons (just enough to cover 2 showers for 2 people) so we didn’t bother with the fuel and water. We did use the manual pumpout dock. It’s pretty small for a 39’ sailboat to dock on, so we were grateful that a friend offered to dinghy over to assist. I doubt we’ll be back. We did dine in the restaurant as part of our birthday celebration and I would probably wouldn’t go back there either. Six of us had dinner, but it took over 5 min for the 6th person’s meal to arrive. So the rest of us just sat there and let our food get cold while we waited. The food itself was okay, but not as special as other reviews have stated.