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My wife and I have been cruising the US east coast for 30+ yrs - we can state without hesitation that the Dolphin Marina is the best marina we have ever visited. EVER!! Let’s dispense with some minor negatives mentioned by other boaters: 1) dock water is limited - they get fresh water from a well with restricted capacity. Come there with your water tanks full. They have a nice shower on shore. 2) the mooring field can be a bit rolly - lobster boats do go by, but this site is a quintessential part of the Maine cruising experience. Most of the time there is nothing to disturb the tranquility of the harbor. 3) Wi Fi access is limited and somewhat irregular - but if you are spending your time playing video games or streaming movies, you are missing the striking beauty of the place and the use of the Marina’s free kayaks and bicycles to explore the area. Now, for the almost innumerable pluses of the Dolphin: 1) you will not find a friendlier and more competent marina staff anywhere. From the moment you make your marina reservation to the minute you leave, the staff will be doing everything possible to make your visit truly memorable. They will give you precise approach instructions, their launch will guide you to your slip or mooring, they will hand deliver your mooring tether to you, they will ferry you back and forth to your boat on a moments notice, they will deliver free hot coffee and freshly baked blueberry muffins to your boat each morning. Also you can use their free courtesy car to reprovision, you can do your laundry using their free washer/dryer, and you get priority seating at their on-site restaurant. 2) the marina and restaurant are family owned and operated - no big marina chain rules and regs to deal with. Owner-manager, Chris Saxton, is a 24/7 all over, everywhere presence. You have a question, suggestion or complaint - he’s there to handle it for you. 3) the restaurant at the Dolphin is truly world class. You should not miss this culinary experience no matter whether you cruise, drive, bike or hike to Maine. We especially love their fish chowder and the blueberry muffins which come with every meal. You will note that the marina parking lot is always full - the cat is out of the bag on this place. I could go on and on, but I am running out of ink. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Miss the Dolphin at your peril! All your friends will have already been there. Jim Brown and Barbara Boykin aboard Ariel, Kadey Krogen 44011 August, 2019