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I've been sailing since boyhood, and have had a boat with my family at YHE since about 1978. I know I’m older, and romanticize the simplicity and peace of my youth, but this isn’t my father’s Yacht Haven. There are some things you should know before booking a stay here, particularly if you are looking for peace and quiet. The docks are well maintained with wide berths and great protection. The staff is friendly and capable. The facilities are clean. But the peace and tranquility of all things is destroyed by the beer garden operated on the property. Ruined. Music played until midnight and beyond is one thing (bad music and foul lyric laced rap that I have to explain to my young children); but 20 somethings sleeping it off in their cars in the lot, racing through it at unsafe speeds, playing their own music in their cars seriously detracts from the neighborhood. Last weekend I was nearly in an accident, and the weekend before had to remind them at ten after midnight that closing time was midnight. Their patrons also have been known to help themselves to dock access, found sleeping on our boats. I’ve never felt the need to lock my boat and take the keys before. I will spend each weekend calling police to the marina to deal with this, and have little hope that the “we’re working to resolve this” response I am getting from the local management actually goes anywhere. Bottom line is it may not be worth it to stay here. It's sad to see what was once the jewel of the Western Sound fall victim to this neighbor. I feel bad for local management; they may in fact be helpless. The spot this bar occupies would make a great pool deck. UPDATE: I am so sorry I ever signed up to stay here. It’s like docking at a concert. Live bands or awful rap music deep into the night. This used to be such a peaceful place. I can’t wait to leave. I wish no stars was an option. This place sucks.