Report Review

Be very careful dealing with these folks. We bought a boat that was in their yard. Due to a serious of events including a hurricane, we stored there for the winter. We paid the invoice for all of the time that the boat spent there in addition to haul out and winter storage fees, etc. We indicated that we would get it out of there in the spring in early April as it was being moved 350 miles away. I contacted them in the beginning of April to arrange to have the boat trucked out. After numerous un-returned calls, I took a 4 hour trip to the marina. The yard indicated that it could not happen as there were 5 other boats in front of it. I asked when the others would be move and was told that there were not on the schedule. After some discussion we agreed that I should not be responsible for moving the other boats to gain access to mine. We also agreed that the yard would send an invoice so that I could pay the invoice. 1 day before the scheduled move date, the yard called an demanded payment before the boat could be moved. This included pulling the mast, and 4 hours to load the boat onto the truck. I suggested that the winter storage contract included launch,...and I did not understand how it could take 4 hours to load the boat onto a professional I was told, it doesn't matter what you think, you either pay this charge up front or we will not let your boat leave the yard. Very Predatory and not concerned about their customer or reputation