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No stars. Island Bay Marina is just slightly better than tying your boat to a tree and hoping for the best The manager is an alcoholic tyrant who lets the psychopathic facilities guy abuse, demean, cuss at and threaten residents with apparently her blessing. Onshore facilities are positively stone age. There are two heads, both of which are about a foot BELOW ground level, thus they flood during even minor rainstorms. Once flooded, the maintenance guy gets around to pumping it out when he feels like it and be prepared to have him scream at you for causing 1 foot of water in the head because you didn't close the shower curtain properly. Speaking of pumping, residents aren't allowed to use the pump out. They expect you to call the Fort Myers Beach mooring field managers for that. Feral cats are EVERYWHERE there. If you have guests or just deliveries come by, warn them to expect to be verbally assaulted by the manager or the maintenance man- or both! Just avoid this marina