Report Review

The dock available is very accessible and with good service for electric, water and everything needed. However, the bathrooms and showers are located a ten minute walk away. I was not given a map or tour, but in the morning when I needed the facilities, I followed a fellow boater across the green and into the garage of the club. I had been given the code when I first docked. (without any assistance as the number I had for the dock master went to the "restaurant") The other boater went into one of the shower/bathrooms, but the second one was locked even though its sign said "available". The door handles have a button lock and the prior occupant must have shut the door with the button depressed. This was very inconvenient as the other bathroom did not open for ten minutes. There was no-one around to ask for help, the phone number for the club went to the "restaurant" and all floors of the building were deserted with locked doors. So, in my experience, not a lot of staff assistance is available.