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The marina is attached to a large-ish hotel in A-Bay. The docks are fixed and very substantial. They were also high enough to accommodate the higher waters on the lake in 2019. Oddly enough, the only damage they sustained by said high waters is that their outdoor pool was damaged, but they do have an indoor pool that is fine. Perhaps the best feature of the marina is its view; its directly across the SLSW from Heart Island and Boldt Castle. ) Hint: there are free docks at the mansion for you to tie up to to tour the island, but they are first come first serve and not overnight. Also, if you are needing any services such as pumpout or fuel, they are available in A-Bay but call ahead to see if they are open. The high waters are expected back in 2020. Also, note that they do not respond to VHF, or at least we could never raise them.