Report Review

The Grand Lagoon is a good location for a stop in Panama City but follow the markers exactly as you enter - it is shallow. Enter the Lagoon between the markers, Pirates Cove will be on the port side. You will find the entrance to the marina with the posts to the flags. We called the office for some help navigating the very shallow channel, but the office folks were not as familiar with directions as they should have been to help a boater navigate in. We ran around briefly as we drifted while figuring out where to go. So, enter between the posts with the flags, it will jog a little to the port side - stay between the secondary posts that follow the first two posts with the flags. The marina slips will be on the port side. The slips are typical for Florida - non floating docks with piers. We had 30 amp power and each tower has a hose attached. We didn't use water to fill out tanks but we did use it to rinse the salt spray off the boat windows. The Marina has a restaurant, bar and pool but it was closed when we were there. Bathrooms are fine - both men's and women's are keypad coded/locked. The shower is large. Gas and diesel are available.