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I had a four cat sailing group here December 2017. It is a really cool stop in the middle of a lot of beautiful cayos with no resources. It's like a small town. Med style dock with cool port captain Pire. His email is [email protected] for asking about dock space or anything. Call them on 16 and they can do a quick check in. It's now required to pull back in and check out on your way back to Cienfuegos which is unfortunate (or this would be 5 star). There is a nice overwater bar. The small store is surprisingly well stocked. Just south of there is an amazing little turtle rescue center where you can pet a couple of the adults. Don't walk out into the mangroves there, there is a croc hanging out. Mostly this is a dive centric location. You can fly in. Sirena beach has the most amazing sand I've seen (in 50 countries), like vanilla ice cream. We do captained sailing charters in exotic locations,