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It’s unfortunate that your cancellation policy for transient slips is so draconian, considering the unpredictable weather in New England. My group of 10 boats ( over 375 feet of slippage) would have liked to stay at your marina for one night at the tail end of our 10 day cruise. We as a group like to book a few months in advance. But as everyone knows, thing happen and sometimes plans need to be changed. Unfortunately as we are only planing on staying one night, which considering your lack of real cancellation policy, mean that once we book, regardless of the reason, regardless of the notice, no refund would be offered. You are sending a message that you must not really want transient guests. I wonder how many other boaters are skipping this stop for the same reason? * * * * Steve, It was great to talk with you today. Thanks so much for reaching out to me and our group. We truly appreciate your flexibility! Looking forward to seeing you in August.