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We recently stayed 2 nights at Hingham Shipyard and we liked it a lot. The concrete floating docks were in like-new condition, everything was spotless, the heads & showers were very nice, modern and clean, and the "pod" system to get onto each dock provides good security. There's no pool, which we knew going in, but what kept me from giving them 5 stars is that there was no dock staff that we ever saw. There wasn't much current running when we arrived (although there is a significant tidal current a times) and my wife was able to get off the boat easily enough to get some lines over, but if there had been a wind and/or current situation or if the docks had been lower to the water we would have had a problem. The launch driver stopped by as soon as we were secured and checked us in, gave us a goody bag, etc., but I was very surprised at the lack of dock assistance. That said, once we got settled we had a great weekend, with shops and restaurants within a couple of hundred yards of the marina.