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Dockmaster very nice and accommodating; however, facilities are in very bad shape. Bathrooms have no hot water or power due to fire damage. Toilets would not flush due to the tanks not filling with water. These are my additional comments following the marina's response to my review: You are correct that I failed to mention in my review that you graciously offered the use of your vehicle so we could go to supper for which I truly apologize. On the other hand, I also failed to mention that upon arrival, we hailed the marina multiple times and phoned the office getting no response to either. We had to locate the one available slip that would accommodate the beam of my boat and we docked it without any assistance from any marina staff since none was anywhere to be found. Therefore, I am wondering why the 5 minutes or less it took the "dock boy" to help with the plug in would be considered "extra time" since no time was spent helping us otherwise. Once we secured the boat we found a nice young man doing work on the damaged building who was kind enough to locate the marina manager (whom I assume is who was referred to in your response as the "dock boy") since we had still not seen or heard from anyone. I also did not mention that the slip we were in had a board protruding from under the decking for which we had to take extra precautions to protect my hull. In addition to being no running water in the restroom/shower facility, there was no water pressure to the faucet near our slip. I thought I gave you a factual and fair review that would be meaningful to other boaters considering staying at Bath Harbor, but you chose to insult me, my guests and Hunter owners everywhere.