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The dock on the river is very nice, no power or water, but very nice face dock good for big boats. Anyway, arrival went well, was greeted by an employee on arrival and thry said that the dock I was at (dock 1) was good, that the city had security guards patrolling the riverwalk, and that I should go and enjoy some island tiki inspired drinks, which I did, multiple drinks. Woke up the next morning around 10 am to my buddy yelling at me that someone needed me up on deck, told my buddy to tell em to go away because I was hungover. He yells down again that some female security guard (the ones that patrol the riverwalk) was going to call the police for some reason. Well now I have to drag myself out of bed and get up topside and see what the hell is going on. I'm greeted by a security guard that claims I cannot dock there and I tell her I have paid for this slip overnight ($100). She wants to see a receipt which I show her but apparently she was thinking I was lying or something and didn't expect me to produce a receipt which I did. She had nothing to do with the marina and was only doing what she was told to do by the owner of Island Party Hut, his name is Joe. So now she tells me I have to go see the owner, that its him who wants me out. I am pretty ticked by this point and eagerly look for the owner that threatens guests with city owned security. I find him and tell him I paid to dock here, but he tries to claim "oh you parked in the wrong spot, we dont own that spot, the city will ticket you." I show him the sign where it clearly says "Dock 1, Island Party Hut" and he then claims oh well this is where our commercial boat parks. I asked, "what commercial boat." Joe then points to a small whaler 40 feet behind me that had been parked there since we arrived the previous evening. I told him why didn't he park here then and he tried to blame one of his employees. I said his employee told me to park here to which he said that was wrong. Joe claimed there were supposed to be signs claiming that I couldn't dock there but there were none. He was forced to apologize but all of this could have been avoided if he had simply messaged me on the app (I mean the name of my boat is on the back in big letters and you can find me on dockwa) instead of using some security guard to threaten me with calling the police if he wanted me to simply move.