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Its about 2 years I have had my boat in Povoa de Varzim. The Marina has its own condition, since the swells are "heavy" for boats. The staff in the office is basic but helpful. I was in the Marina during the Marina and have learned the staff as "in my opinion" rude and useless. On one side one of the staffs borowed money, since the Marina did not pay him. He was the most helpful, so I supported him and his family with € 60.--, which does not sound very much, but thinking their salary is € 400.--, it is something. He used to be the most helpful of all. Within the staff they have one older guy, who is rude and impertinent. Since wwe were locked down and nobody was coming in nor out, I started working out my boat and emptied my bulkheads on the slip and left it there for about 1 week. This guy would come every morning over to the boat to bitch because of the "mess" and how bad this would look at the Marina. I had no chance to argue with him, nobody was coming in nor out and since one day he lost completely all kind of education, I complained to the President of the Marina. This one told me to fuck off and take my boat wherever it pleases me. I realized, this was no place for my boat and since a lot of friends have haad their experience and my suspician the people from Povoa change your new lines and replace them with old lines, giving the new ones to the members of the "sailing" club, I´ve had it and moved the boat to Figueira. Povoa in my opinion is a corrupted place!