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Incompetent, disorganized or dishonest office! My husband and I had a slip in D dock and moved our boat out on July 7, 2018. We made $500.00 deposit for the dock space and $150.00 deposit for two fobs and a parking card. SHM (Safe Harbor Marinas) office did not send "close out account statement", nor our deposit refund back. I called SHM office numerous times, send e-mails demanding our deposit return of $650.00. My husband also contacted SHM and corporate office many times, always people in the office said "refund is on the way & they are working on it VERY HARD"... As if this date 11/29/18, more than four months has passed from our departure from SHM, we have not received any closing document from SHM office nor our deposit money back. I believe Safe Harbor Marinas wants me to forget about it and leave them alone so that they do not have to deal with deposit refund money and paperwork! Our patience is running out and we are about to hire a lawyer to get our refund back. Should we charge SHM my time and efforts as SHM always charges late fees and interests when tenants do not make payments timely?