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(Update: On reviewing my reviews, I noticed I accidentally gave this a 1 star, when I meant to give it 2.) While this marina used to be worth recommending, I can no longer do so, it has gone far downhill under new management. There is no restaurant on site, it has been closed for the past couple of years. The docks are going bad due to what appears to a lack of adequate maintenance; be very cautious trusting the cleats. The dock boys are young and it seems not trained. The facilities are showing their age and are not clean like they were in years past. Both of the showers in the mens room have large cracks in the floor that have obviously been there for a long time, another cruiser sliced his foot open while showering and warned me to be careful. The toilets were dirty and there was trash on the floor. All in all, it just seems like the place is being poorly managed at every level. We will not be using this marina any more as there are new facilities around on the waterfront side of the town that are much nicer and better run, with plenty of restaurants and such in easy walking distance, and they are actually closer to the ICW.