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HORRIBLE OWNER .....STAY FAR FAR AWAY. Was a customer for 7 years.. Vito the owner rented out the slip we were in for 7 years during our dry dock storage. Claimed a person came in and paid in full. why was he shown our slip in the first place? This I believe was done to us because we didn’t want him to install new motors on our boat. Has done us and many other customers wrong over the years. Everyone stays because of the convenience of parking and being able to party there at night and becoming friends with other marina customers. Vito claimed he is a certified mechanic which I don’t believe he or any other employees are. Shoddy work, and business practices. WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS PLACE. In my opinion, He lies, steals and cheats at every opportunity. Find somewhere else. ****Update....4.14.19. Once again Vito’s response is full of lies, as he fails to tell the complete story...My contract was from April 1 to March 31, why in the world would I pay him for my slip in Sep, Oct, Nov or December when I am not due until April, He send letters to ALL customers during that time period looking for money.. IM NOT PAYING UNTIL FEBRUARY OR MARCH FOR AN APRIL 1st start date. Secondly, we were at the marina to visit our friends, while Vito was seen lurking behind boats watching our every move as we visited friends. AND YES I DID CURSE HIM OUT AS HE FULLY DESERVED IT. As stated above in my original review, we stayed because of convenience and friends...NOT BECAUSE JSM had anything more to offer..As far as a peace offering, it came with a $600.00 increase in cost for a. A slip which couldn’t accommodate our boat size...or b. A further location at the other end of our original slip...WE WERE NEVER OFFERED A SLIP NEXT TO OUR ORIGINAL SLIP...JSM SHOULD LEARN TO BE TRUTHFUL IN THEIR ACCOUNT OF WHAT REALLY HAPPENED AND WHY..