Report Review

I have been a member at this Marina for about a year and a half. Member of the boat club, and even purchased my new boat last year from them. Out of no where a few weeks ago I docked my boat, and received a phone call the next day saying my boat was found unsecured and banging on the front of the boat behind me. Something was fishy about the whole thing and contacted the owner of the boat who informed me he told the marina Friday to put his boat up, but to his surprise never was and still left in the water. We then quickly realized when we compared stories they damaged his boat and were trying to make me pay for it. When I went to the marina the next day with these newly found facts, they terminated my contract and put my boat in the water. I had to find a new marina. The insurance investigator came back with his report, no way my boat did any of the damage. So in the end they lied about my boat doing any damage to another boat in order to cover up completely ruining another guys boat. They realized they were caught, terminated my contract and made me leave. With the investigation coming back that My boat couldn't have caused the damage, looks like they just kicked me out to get rid of someone that knows the truth. Most criminal and negligent marina, definitely never buy or dock your boat there. Treat you like shit and will steal your money whenever they can.