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Review 2020 Yacht only 6 years old. I read the reviews and said there aren't enough bad reviews to keep me away, so why not try it That was a big mistake ! I can't believe how they overcharge it is worse than you could possibly imagine someone posted on here that they know you dont have a money tree out back. I don't agree with that post at all in fact I believe they think you have a forest of money trees. It is not the case well I don't know who posted that review but my guess is,it wasn't a customer. It was probably a relative or employee, they do believe you have a money tree or many. They have a very good painter that does your Hull but definitely get a quote 1st in advance including your haul out costs. They have a very good wood worker that matches up your existing wood and sheen and shine but the cost of was ay more than a rip off,, there must be a more extreme word I could I use. The amount of hours there bill for are not believable, at all, no way. It was all by the hour which was a big mistake but they would not give me a fixed price, because I had some custom work done. They didn't know exactly how it's going to turn out and they said it's better to do hourly and they were right it is better to do hourly for THEM, so they can bill and bill and bill and bill when your not there to add up the hours yourself. Once the product is done it looks good. But my recollection is I spent $200,000 with them. I cannot believe all the positive reviews that I am reading. I am inclined to think that they aren't real. I will never recommend this boat yard to anyone and will not return and I am sure they won't care.